All You Need to Know About Queen Size Mattress

Queen size beds were not a part of the initial size chart of beds. Full-size beds provide enough space for a couple to sleep comfortably, but sometimes they aren’t big enough to fit in a bigger bedroom. In answer to this problem, queen size beds were introduced as they are a bit larger than full-size beds. These beds have enough room to accommodate a couple to have a comfortable sleep at night and at the same time, fit in a bedroom perfectly. Following are some facts and figures about queen size beds.


Size of a queen size mattress comes in between full-size and king-size beds. A full-size bed is almost one step smaller than the queen size bed while the king-size bed in one step bigger. Queen size beds are further divided into three sub-categories Standard, Olympic and California. A Standard queen size bed has a total length of 80-inches that us around 5-inches bigger than the full-size bed. With a full width of 60-inches, a queen size bed has almost six extra inches. The Olympic queen bed has the same length as standard queen bed but has a total width of 66-inches. California Queen bed is the biggest variation of queen size bed that has 84-inches of length and 60-inches of width. Other than the actual measurements, bed styles, frame materials and designs can affect the height, width and weight of the bed.

There is no standard measurement of queen size bed’s depth. Depth of a queen size mattress depends upon the user’s preference. At a minimum, you can have a 9-inches deep mattress while at a maximum, you will get a 16-inches mattress. In some customized scenarios, depth can also increase than 16-inches.

Split-Queen Size Bed:

A split queen size bed has the same dimensions as the original queen size bed. Split queen size bed is mostly used by those people who want to have a bed that looks like one unit but allow you to place two mattresses on each side to move independently. Mostly these split-queen size beds are available in standard version only, but some manufacturers also manufacture them in Olympic and Cal King variants.

What Sheet To Use With Queen Size Beds:

You can find various sheet sizes that can fit on a queen-size bed, but if you want to have a perfectly fitting sheet, then you must use the standard queen sheet. However, the standard queen sheet fits only on standard size queen bed. If you have Olympic or Cal King size queen bed, then you have to look for another option. You can still find some online and offline store that can provide Olympic and Cal King queen sheets that will fit perfectly on your beds but can cost a few extra bucks. Standard queen size sheets can cover the complete depth of a standard mattress, but you can also find sheets with deep pockets to cover bigger mattresses. These custom-made mattress sheets can accommodate mattresses with a maximum depth of 22-inches.