Things To Consider Before Buying An Adjustable Bed


Adjustable beds are not limited to hospitals and health care centres anymore. They have become more common and are replacing trivial beds. Adjustable beds are not just right for a good sleep but also come with plenty of bells and whistles. Not only that but many designs that can fit with your interior design, make them even more suitable for your bedrooms. As these beds are being manufactured on large scales, so their prices have also become affordable. To differentiate them from hospital beds, new designs are being added every day.

Basic functionality of adjustable beds is that they allow you to adjust the legs and head of the bed to provide more comfort. These bed positions minimize the weight on your back and help to reduce back pain. Sometimes these best adjustable beds are sold as all-in-one solutions that include both base and mattress; however, most of the manufacturers build and sell bases as separate units. These bases fit with almost all kind of mattresses whether they have box springs or not.

Valuable Features:

Each manufacturer equips its adjustable with a variety of unique yet useful features to make it one of the best adjustable beds. Along with the basic functionality of position adjustment, remote control functionality is getting more common. Although the price and comfort depend upon the features, it also increases the risks of hardware malfunction. Some of the most common features of the best adjustable beds are:

  • Lumber area firmness adjustment
  • Built-in head, back and foot massagers
  • Time-bound position adjustments.

Commonly these beds can be found king, queen, and single sizes. Single size beds are made for individuals, but the king and queen size beds are much bigger and can fit two or more persons. Bigger beds allow you to adjust positions for each side independently. However, the middle space where both mattresses meet can be a bit comfortable for some people.

Additional Considerations Before Buying An Adjustable Bed:

Motor Sounds: Adjustable beds are powered by heavy motors that sometimes produce noise that can disturb your partner or the person on the other side of the bed. However, by increasing your budget, you can find adjustable beds that claim to have almost zero motor noise.

Trying Before Buying: With the increasing demand for adjustable beds, some stores are offering their buyers a trial period to ensure comfort and performance before making a final decision. They offer a 30-day exchange policy to have a complete trial experience. However, some stores offer an in-store trial for a few minutes that cannot be enough to understand things clearly.

Frame Weight: Adjustable beds include heavy hardware, and its weight can vary from 150 to 700 pounds without putting a mattress on it. These beds can be challenging to move by individuals. Some heavier frames can also damage the floor.

Moving Parts And Warranty Problems: Some best adjustable beds include numerous moving parts like motors and rotating angles. Manufacturers have different warranty policies for these moveable parts, and it is important to have a look at their policy before investing in their product.