Why Memory Foam Mattresses are special?

Memory foam

This type of mattress is made from stuff called polyurethane. It has another name which is called as viscoelastic foam. Hence, the name suggests it has viscosity and elasticity. It is a very good pressure bearer. When you sit on it will adjust and mould itself according to your body shape. In addition to this, when you get up from the mattress it will return back to its natural or you can say the original shape.

Types of the Memory Foam

There are many types of memory foam in the market currently. Each one of the mattresses has its unique qualities and properties which makes it different from the rest of the mattresses. Let’s look at the types of memory foam mattress. You can also see at savvysleeper.org

  • Traditional
  • Gel
  • Open-cell


This type of memory foam mattress is designed in a way that closed-cell. Typically, this is way denser. When we look at its basic or you can say the simple foam it does not contain the properties of cooling. But that is not in any way a problem. You can surely install the cooling gel stuff in the closed-cell structure.


It is very common for people to say that they feel sweaty when they sleep during the night. So, it what people usually don’t prefer in their mattresses. But in this type of memory foam, there is a material called gel immersed in the mattress which keeps the heat away from the body of the individual.


This type of memory foam is not very much dense. It is designed in a way that makes it easy for the air to flow through it. There is a cooling gel which you can add if you would like.


Following are some benefits.

Pain relief

If you experience pain in your shoulders, back and hips then you should opt for memory foam mattress because it from the experience of most users of this mattress we have seen that when they used this mattress it benefited them by giving them relief from the body pains.

Memory foam can mould itself according to the shape of the user’s body. It also provides your body with good support. You should buy a memory foam mattress if you have chronic pains, especially in the back. You will wake up feeling refreshed rather than experiencing pains in any part of your body.


Memory foam mattresses possess the qualities of being hypoallergenic. It means that people who are allergic to any stuff will not have to worry about them getting ay reactions. It is especially good for asthmatic individuals.

Motion isolation

Memory foam mattresses also can stop the transfer of motion. Motion transfer can be an issue for those who share a bed with someone else. As they can easily wake up during the night if the other person gets up from the bed.

So, if you are sleeping with any beloved one, the memory foam will help in reducing the movement from reaching you. You will sleep peacefully during the night without waking up from any movement of your partner.